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12:05 - 12:50 Posterbegehung, 03.11.2017
  Moderation Posterbegehung I: K. Cupisti (Euskirchen), K. Holzer (Marburg)
P 01 Preclincal fine needle aspiration cytology for suspicious thyroid nodules – a critical appraisal of their clinical utility
A. Naddaf, K. Tischler, C. Smaxwil, A. Zielke (Stuttgart)
P 02 cIONM in intrathoracic goiter – its influence on decision for sternotomy
N. Sehnke, K. Schwarz, P. E. Goretzki (Neuss)
P 03 Thyroid surgery in Graves’ disease should be center-based
C. Wicke, A. W. Trupka (Horgen, Starnberg)
P 04 Multifocal papillary thyroid microcancer mPMTC – special importance of forecast?
E. Luyven, K. Schwarz, B. J. Lammers, P. E. Goretzki (Neuss)
P 05 Procalcitonin as a tumour marker for MTC?
J. Mittermeier, R. H. Lienenlüke, C. Vorländer (Frankfurt/Main)
P 06 Thyroid cancer patient survey Germany & France 2016 – cancer journey and quality of life
H. Rimmele, B. Bartès, M. Büttner (Berlin, Léguevin, Mainz)
P 07 Incomplete thermo-ablated follicular thyroid cancer requiring two-step thyroidectomy in regional anaesthesia
C. Smaxwil, R. Eichholz, D. Gendig, A. Zielke (Stuttgart, Tübingen)
Moderation Posterbegehung II: A. W. Trupka (Starnberg),  R. Köberle-Wührer (Liestal)
P 08 Living-donor parathyroid allotransplantation for therapy-refractory postsurgical persistent hypoparathyroidism in a nontransplant recipient – four year results: a case report
A. Agha, M. N. Scherer, C. Moser, T. Karrasch, C. Girlich, F. Eder, E.-M. Jung, H. J. Schlitt (München, Regensburg)
P 09 Results of surgery for Graves' disease after failed radioiodine therapy
P. F. Alesina, B. Meier, J. Hinrichs, W. Mohmand, M. Walz (Essen)
P 10 Malignant metastatic insulinoma – Two long-term follow-ups
H. Irmer, A. Akca, A. A. R. Starke, P. E. Goretzki (Neuss)
P 11 Intraoperative detection of parathyroid glands with near-infrared autofluorescence imaging
R. Ladurner, U. Gündogar, N. Al Arabi, H. Stepp, J. Gallwas, K. Hallfeldt (München)
P 12 Chemoprevention with enalapril and aspirin in Men1(+/T) knockout mouse model
J. Manoharan, C. López-López, B. Joos, P. Di Fazio, I. Mintziras, A. Ramaswamy, E. P. Slater, D. K. Bartsch, V. Fendrich (Marburg, Hamburg)
P 13 Targeting hypoxia inducible Carbonic-Anhydrase-IX suppresses tumor-initiating cells in thyroid cancer
J. Schmidt, E. Oppermann, W.-O. Bechstein, K. Holzer, P. Malkomes (Frankfurt/Main)
P 14 Liver resection in patients with neuroendocrine liver metastases – A propensity score matching analysis
T. Schreckenbach, H. Hübert, J. Bojunga, C. Koch, W.-O. Bechstein, K. Holzer (Frankfurt/Main)
Moderation Posterbegehung III: N. Rayes (Leipzig), A. Zielke (Stuttgart)
P 15 Constant growth of bilateral adrenal myelolipoma despite normal ACTH levels in congenital adrenal hyperplasia – A case report
J. Tabitha, S. Arampatzis, M. Worni, B. Gloor, R. Trepp (Bern)
P 16 How to avoid postoperative hypoparathyroidism in graves’ disease – a comparison of two time periods of surgical treatment
L. Tong, K. Schwarz (Neuss)
P 17 Sexual-medicine survey on endocrine surgeons self-assessing patients‘ sexual-medical irritations / problems‘ treatment in Austria
L. Ucsnik, A. Kotmel, T. Körbel, T. Dorner, J. Bitzer, B. Teleky, P. Riss (Wien)
P 18 Time course and risk factors of post-thyroidectomy vocal cord dysfunction – how long does it take the nerve to recover?
S. Schmidt, C. Smaxwil, B. Leitner, K. Tischler, A. Zielke (Stuttgart)
P 19 Time course and risk factors associated with post-thyroidectomy hypoparathyroidism – how long does it take to recover?
S. Schmidt, C. Smaxwil, B. Leitner, K. Tischler, A. Zielke (Stuttgart)
P 20 Analysis of out-patient vs in-patient urinary calcium excretion in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism
L. Brammen., B. Curik, A. Geroldinger, A. Selberherr, C. Scheuba, P. Riss (Wien)
P 21 Correlation of perioperative biochemical variables with parathyroid adenoma weight in primary hyperparathyroidism
M. Papadakis, T. Margariti, E. Kotzampasakis, F. Schuster, N. Weyerbrock, C. Dotzenrath (Wuppertal)
Moderation Posterbegehung IV: K. Lorenz (Halle/Saale), T. Clerici (St. Gallen)
P 22 A novel rapid detection system for intraoperative PTH-monitoring in pHPT: does the added cost add value to the perioperative management?
M. Parkhach, V. Quantius, C. Smaxwil, M. Busch, J. Wagner, A. Naddaf, B. Leitner, A. Zielke (Stuttgart)
P 23 Completion thyroidectomy for recurrent goiter and risk of post-operative hypoparathyroidism
A. Posabella, M. Von Fluee, B. Kern (Basel)
P 24 Navigating through uncertainty II: another illustrative case of parathyroid carcinoma and a plea to support an initiative for a multicenter study
C. Smaxwil, O. Ploner, P. Aschoff, G. Friedel, A. Zielke (Stuttgart, Gerlingen)
P 25 Combined 18F-PET-CT and 4D- CT for the localization of parathyroid adenomas in complex clinical scenarios – initial results
C. Smaxwil, P. Aschoff, M. Busch, J. Wagner, S. Schmidt, S. Moritz, O. Ploner, A. Zielke (Stuttgart)
P 26 Localization of recurrence of primary hyperparathyroidism in MEN 1 – a case report
L. Rados, F. Haupt, S. Weidner, C. A. Seiler, R. Trepp (Bern)
P 27 18F-Choline-PET-CT has the potential to predict a parathyromatosis as cause of recurrent hyperparathyroidism

M. Trujillo, O. C. Maas, T. Drescher, W. Jochum, T. Clerici (St. Gallen)


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